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Email: or Tel: 01900 813229


hop pic.pngCEILIDH ? What is a ceilidh? What is English ceilidh?


hop pic.pngINFORMATION FOR ORGANISERS An advice sheet for those who might be organising a ceilidh for the first time.


hop pic.pngDANCES Some brief notes on some of the dances we do.


hop pic.pngTUNES A little tune book of some of the tunes we use and some that we might get round to playing one day.


hop pic.pngBARLEY HOP CEILIDH NIGHTS Information on our regular informal ceilidh nights in Cockermouth.


hop pic.pngCEILIDH NIGHTS POSTER/HANDOUT A printable poster/handout for our ceilidh nights. Print it out and post it somewhere or hand it out to those who might be interested.


hop pic.pngLINKS PAGE Links to websites, Facebook pages, etc., that are related to what we do.